Call for Abstracts for SF Workshops

Be part of the San Francisco 2013 Conference.

Abstracts being accepted now until March 29th.

San Francisco, California
July 11-12, 2013

Coordinators: Claire Maxfield + Jeffrey Vaglio
Symposium Chair: Claire Maxfield

Theme: facades+PERFORMANCE

Performance is contextual. Like durability, it is not an inherent property of a material, product or system. The usage must be defined, performance evaluation criteria established, with metric and benchmark criteria determined. If the material, product, or system exceeds these benchmarks, they are qualified as high-performance. However, the definition of high performance facades itself is elusive, often incorporating trending keywords like “sustainable” and “technologically advanced” to describe practices that are arguably neither. The difficulty lies in pinpointing the most significant contributors to the performance of a façade, with contenders ranging from metrics (such as U-values) to physics (a double-skin façade cavity) to post-occupancy commissioning. There is no clear answer yet. Facades+ will include many diverse voices on the creation, implementation and maintenance of high-performance building enclosures, imparting new perspectives on the opportunities for advancement in the delivery of the building skin.


Symposium Presentations:

Symposium presentations will be determined by invite only.

Dialog Workshops:

The dialog workshops are half-day sessions that emphasize a common topic, intended for an audience of 25-30 attendees. The workshop environment is intended to be intimate and provoke valuable conversation amongst Instructors and attendees. If you are interested in instructing and coordinating a Dialog Workshop, please refer to the guidelines below.

Workshop Abstract Guidelines

In 300 words or less describe the content of your proposed Dialog Workshop track and how it relates to the conference’s theme of Performance. Include a list of five to seven learning objectives, collaborators who may serve as speakers within the Workshop and low-resolution samplings of 15-25 images you feel are indicative of the instructional presentations. Email abstract submissions to Jeffrey Vaglio at by March 29th, 2013, or as soon as possible.


Abstracts will be peer reviewed. Selection and notification will take place by April 22, 2013. Final Dialog Workshop presentations will be required for submission on June 21, 2013, three weeks before the conference, and revisions/modifications may be requested. Selected presenters agree to provide non-exclusive publishing rights to Architect’s Newspaper for future publication in print or digital media.Instructor will refrain from giving a substantially similar Workshop/presentation to the one submitted for a period from the date of submission to 6 months after Workshop is given, with the exception being if that Workshop/presentation is being given at another Facades+ event.